January 20

The Tension Between Sacrificing Now and Advancement Later

Dr. Jason Carthen: Sacrificing Now and Advancement Later
This Week’s Focus Point:

Sometimes understanding the twin tensions of “Sacrificing Now vs. Advancement Later” is a difficult concept to wrap our thoughts around. However, those that have gone before us provide a great example of what this tension can provide if you are willing to sacrifice.

Martin Luther King as a Great Example

The Rev. Martin Luther King is a great example of an individual who not only demonstrated sacrifice, but resilience amidst persecution, trial after trial and mistreatment in an effort to raise others to a higher standard or belief. Through the sacrifices of Dr. King, we see in ourselves, as through a mirror, what we all are capable of if we will just set our sight on something that is greater than ourselves.

Sacrifice Now to Achieve Greater Tomorrow

As we celebrate Dr. King today, let us be reminded that his example of sacrificing now to achieve a greater tomorrow is attainable for all of us, if we just seek after the greater good or serving others above ourselves.


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