January 15

The Undeniable Case for More Entrepreneurship 


Entrepreneurship holds the key to individual wealth and long-term societal impact. This very point is shared in a recent article via the Kaufmann Foundation, “Entrepreneurship is vital to job growth, wage growth and raising the standards of living due to its ability to be a game changer in economic dynamism.”

Dr. Jason Carthen: Entrepreneurship 

The Impact of Entrepreneurship

The opportunity to venture out on your own as an entrepreneur or small business owner has become even more important to the American economy due to the volatility of both foreign and domestic markets. In truth, the economy in recent years has shown improvement, however, the bedrock of our country’s future is tied to the small business owners who continue to support the economy by creation of jobs and exportation. The small business administration details this fact as 64% of US jobs were created through entrepreneurship which points to a strong movement toward independence from typical big business employment. In fact, the SBA reports that entrepreneurs employ half of the private sector workforce.

The Case for Entrepreneurship

What does all this mean to current entrepreneurs? It means those who ventured into the entrepreneurial arena, made the right decision! As an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to create forward movement and impact change on a grand scale, both in your life and in the lives of others. Let me share with you why this is important. Entrepreneurs are a special breed, dreamers, and risk-takers if you will. Due to an entrepreneur’s ability to bring a vision to reality, they can never be counted out and point to why the American economy continues to bounce back time and time again. For this reason, there is a tremendous need for more entrepreneurship and the development of programs that support the creation of new ideas carried by the next generation of business owners. As long as we keep dreaming and possess the passion to follow our dreams, America will continue to thrive on the momentum of small business.


Friday Focus Quote:

It only takes one person to change your life…You

-Ruth Casey


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