July 14

Turn Off the GPS Because You Have Arrived At Your Destination!


On a recent road trip, my daughter locked eyes with me in the rear-view mirror from the backseat and asked me for the third time, “Are we close yet daddy?.” I laughed on the inside and shared with her, “not yet little one, but once we get close, our GPS will let us know that we have arrived at our destination.”

Dr. Jason Carthen: Arrive At Your Destination

Leaders Must Develop

Our interaction made me think about the work of leaders and our own personal development. Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s how GPS worked in real life? A nice clean message that alerts us to a milestone achieved in our lives, or certain victory right around the next corner.

Well, unfortunately, it does not work that way, because we are all in a state of “becoming” and intentionally or unintentionally getting better with the passage of time. There is no electronic Global Positioning System that will give us all the answers concerning how to lead or how to grow.

Leverage Your Tools for Success

For this reason, the most effective way for you to assess whether you are getting close to or have arrived at your destination, is to make sure you load the correct address in the first place. and track your progress. In other words, check your goals, do they fit you? Are they realistic, do you have accountability? All fair questions on the GPS of life.

How do you personally know that your GPS is working correctly?


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