January 29

Use These 4 Tools To Never Fail in Public Speaking or Presentations


I frequently receive requests for help with public speaking and presentation related skills. These requests come from those who may be just starting out, transitioning jobs or have been speaking for many years. Generally, people share they want to eliminate anxiety, increase their confidence or improve their verbal delivery. No matter which area they may want to improve, I share 4 practices they need to think about when approaching public speaking or any presentation. There are 4 Key practices related to your success before, during and after taking the stage. I call the practices my 4S Framework©️. These practices have served me well for over 20 years as a professional keynote speaker. If you take the time to learn and implement them, I know they will serve you well too.

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Serve First

While this may seem like a foregone conclusion, you would be surprised at what gets in the way for some speakers or those who may be presenting. “I have something to say and I want you to hear it!” When the reality is… it’s never about you and your message should be focused on the audience and the call to action discussed in advance with the meeting planner. For presenters it’s all about delivering on the company objective for the presentation meeting. When in doubt remember, that it’s all about the meeting planner, audience and the value you provide.

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Tell Your Story

In our desire to get our point across or convey an idea or process, we can miss the very opportunity to hook our audience and get them to take action. Your story can be the catalyst that encourages people to see the value in taking massive action on their goals or company initiatives. So I always ask my clients or I Speak Life Academy students how does your story position the audience for the value you ad? Furthermore, how does your story perfectly align with the meeting planner’s goals and objectives or ultimately the call to action at the end? If you are not weaving in your story, you are leaving quite a bit on the table.

Command the Stage

Ok, you have made it to the stage, now what? Many professional speakers and presenters do not study the science of public speaking or presenting, which is a #FAIL. Why? Because there are quite a few things that can make us all better speakers and presenters. Things like simple techniques that allow us to be more comfortable in our delivery or things that inject immediate humor into your speaking which immediately endears you to the audience. For example, your positioning on the stage matters and if done properly conveys strength and confidence as you move with intentionality. After twenty years speaking and training speakers it has been my experience that if you do your homework on the front side of the engagement or presentation you will experience success on the backside. At the end of the day, preparation leads to the promise of success. 

Sale the Value and Follow-Up

Now this is a big one and can be applied to sales as a professional speaker or simply getting colleague’s to embrace your content if it’s related to a company specific presentation. Learn the art of suggestion and leveraging verbal cues. This is the ability to share positive mental cues without directly saying them. These verbal cues create interest and questions in the listener’s minds.
For example, “During one of my keynote’s at Disney World, I talked about the impact of how my book 52 Ways To Tackle Leadership for Your Success, caused a positive reaction in an organization’s culture.” How many images did you just see in your mind as you read the last few sentences? Mickey Mouse, a book cover, visualization of your organizational culture? All things that could lead to continuing the conversation after the keynote or presentation.
When you can continue the conversation after you speak you have a chance for what is called follow-up. Follow-up leads to sales if you are a public speaker and follow-up after a great presentation creates opportunities for good will or creating allegiance to those on your team in a company.
Never forget…follow-up creates sales momentum when done consistently and properly….

Implement These 4 Tools and Succeed

There you have it. If you want to succeed before, during and after you take the stage as a professional speaker or presenter, implement these 4 practices as soon as you can. Let me know how it’s working for you and I will send you a free copy of my book mentioned in the article. Until next time!

Point of Clarity Quote:

“Rule with the heart of a servant. Serve with the heart of a king.”
-Bill Johnson


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