September 14

Why Adopting a Culture of Winning is Always Good for Business!


By Dr. Jason Carthen

During my time with the New England Patriots they always cultivated a “Culture of Winning” or a mantra of having each others back no matter what was on deck as a problem or concern. This could be applied to issues on the field, in the locker room or even personally.

Most recently, in the aftermath of the deflate-gate controversy and the overturning of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to suspend Quarterback Tom Brady, this “Culture of Winning” was on full display. The team rallied around its Quarterback and demonstrated a commitment to one another while seeking a common goal of a positive outcome.

Dr. Jason Carthen: Culture of Winning is Always Good for Business


Constructive Behaviors

In organizations, it is imperative that leaders and followers cultivate “Constructive Behaviors” that result in open communication, transparent interaction and fulfillment of the higher order needs of it’s followers. These type of behaviors promote a “Culture of Winning” that becomes contagious and in many ways serves to guard against both internal and external threats to high performance. However, the key is the adoption of this “Culture of Winning” by all leaders and the empowerment of its people from the top down and all areas in between. This sounds good, but how do we get there?

First Order of business

The first order of business (or behavior) is for the leader to model the way for their follower’s at every opportunity. Through this real time exposure (even under duress), followers have a visual example of the path to follow which triggers mental ques for later recall. Do not underestimate how these mental ques impact the psyche of the people in the organization.

The Second Behavior

The second behavior is rooted in consistency or the repeated alignment of the leader’s actions with the organization’s stated core values and day to day interactions. In other words, does the leader do what they say they are going to do on a consistent basis?

While not exhaustive due to the brevity of this article, the upward trajectory of these initial constructive behaviors lay the foundation for a “Culture of Winning” That is always good for business!

Please leave a comment or post on my Facebook Page and let me know how you effectively navigate the organizational culture you are part of consistently. Thanks for contributing to your community!



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