January 4

Why Cultivating a Spirit of Expectation is Vital To Your Success!


Dr. Jason Carthen: Spirit of Expectations

If you are anything like me, you brought the New Year in with friends or family and reflected on all that had taken place the previous year and pondered the possibilities for the upcoming year. What a great place to be with regard to expectations!

 A Spirit of Expectation

As we were waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square to signify the start of the New Year, my wife Mireidy and I were watching our daughter’s expressions and mannerisms. They had a sense of excitement and amazement about all that was taking place…almost a euphoria. Maybe they were just happy to be up past their bedtime! I’m not sure, but one thing is certain, they had a spirit of expectation about what was to come.

 Overcoming Daily Stressors

As leaders and business owners, what if we could bottle up that youthful amazement and wonderment caused by positive expectations each day of the year? So that each time we experience, disappointment, unrealized opportunities or the stress of day to day living we could sustain ourselves with the realization that all would indeed be well…if we just stay the course.

Well, as leaders it is possible and in fact sustainable, but the catalyst comes from being reminded of the little things in our lives that nurture the power of expectations, which in turn keep our perspectives about possibilities healthy.

Stewardship Over Our Lives

For example, in his book “Stewardship” my friend Peter Block suggests that we must wholly commit to something that is greater than ourselves in order to rein-in our own self-interests. When we are able to do this (Not a small thing!) then we can become fully present and ponder on the positive expectations and possibilities rather than the negative ebb and flows of life.

The key takeaway I want you to have is that, no matter who you are or what your status is as a leader or follower, to achieve some modicum of success, you must cultivate a spirit of expectation that something good is going to take place in your life. This holds the key to unlocking the door of consistency in your everyday interactions and opportunities.

I think my daughters may have been on to something on New Year’s eve….

If you have not already, please stop by and leave a comment or post on my Facebook Page and share your expectations about the New Year!


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