July 10

Why Health and Wellness Can Predict Your Success


Recently I was asked to write the foreword for the powerful book series, Journeys to Success: The Health, Wellness and Fitness edition. While honored, I was also keenly aware of the responsibility that comes with setting the tempo at the outset of a literary work. I knew that it had to be meaningful, but offer clear direction to all who were interested in forging a path to holistic health and ultimately wellness. This same path is now being illuminated in organizations that see the importance of its followers and teams achieving balance on their health and wellness journey.
Dr. Jason Carthen: Health and Wellness

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Be Intentional with Communication

Many organizations spend a great amount of resources on external communication like marketing and advertising, but neglect internal communication…that is a grave miscalculation. Internal organizational members and stakeholders are equally as important, if not more so. The communication function is crucial regardless of the size of the organization because both large and small businesses alike must address how information is disseminated within its ranks to avoid conflict.

Health and Wellness in Organizations

Many businesses and organizations are promoting initiatives to help improve the overall health of their employees and team members. Corporate wellness is a workplace health promotion activity or policy designed to nurture healthy behavior and result in improved health. Rising healthcare costs are a major contributing factor to these efforts. Increasing medical costs are affecting the bottom lines of many businesses. Business leaders have learned that there is also a benefit to corporate wellness beyond the cost savings.
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Holistic Health is Here to Stay

In general, an increasing number of people are concerned about their physical well-being and its relation to their work activities and environment. The focus on wellness often requires a lifestyle change. It first starts with a change in mindset about the responsibility for caring for ones body. If implemented effectively, corporate wellness can lead to smoking cessation, weight loss, obesity prevention, disease management and personal safety practices. Additionally, it usually results in higher employee morale.

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Work and Wellness

Corporate wellness programs provide incentives for employees to take the necessary steps to improve or maintain their health. Programs can range from basic services and referrals to customized strategies based on the individual employee’s unique health needs. Successful programs become a part of the organizational culture, not just another agenda. They should involve education and accountability. A recent study in the Harvard Business Review shows that organizations with highly effective wellness programs report significantly lower voluntary attrition rates. At the end of the day, healthy employees are more productive and energized to perform their daily tasks.

Point of Clarity Quote:

“Even people who aren’t sick may not have optimal wellness.”
– Brian Carter


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