February 9

Why it Takes More Than Effort to Succeed!


By Dr. Jason Carthen

In some leadership circles, you will read, or hear about leaders who will share with their followers that all they need in order to succeed is a strong enough desire to do something or if they simply work harder, they will come out on top!

Dr. Jason Carthen: Make Effort to Achieve Success

Make Effort to Achieve Goal

Well, I agree that effort is very important in your quest to achieve a goal or reach a targeted outcome. However, I offer to you today that the disciplines of “studying & preparation” are crucial in order to reach the next level of your success or personal development. If you as a leader or a follower do not embrace studying & preparation, then you risk a plateau in your ongoing personal and professional development.

Capability of Human Brain

Let me explain, the human brain is capable of extraordinary comprehension and retention of information, facts, and data, however, without repetitive exposure to concepts, tasks and stimuli, there is a tendency to only store information in the short-term memory.

It is only when the discipline of seeking out repetitive exposure to concepts, steps, and practices is embraced, that an individual is able to move towards growth, development and ultimately “mastery” of information.

Reach Your Existing Level of Learning

So, when you have reached your talent capacity or your existing level of learning, then you must be able to call upon ongoing preparation or tools which will allow you to go further for your success. For this reason, when the temptation to just throw more effort at your goal arises, make sure you reevaluate and assess if you have prepared yourself fully for the task or goal that you are seeking to achieve.

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