October 26

Why It’s Important To Make Sure Your Life Lines Up with Your Messaging!


I looked over in the left lane via my side-view mirror because the horn had been blaring for no less than 8-10 seconds. You could see the car’s driver motioning to the car in front of them with upraised hands and audibly yelling, “Come on!”

Dr. Jason Carthen: Make Sure Your Life Lines Up with Your MessagingDr. Jason Carthen: Make Sure Your Life Lines Up with Your Messaging

Incongruence All Around Us

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have seen road rage before and its not a pretty sight, but this was ironic on several levels. The irony was found in what the driver’s license plate had on it as he flew past the car next to me. It read…”BPatynt” or in other words “Be Patient.” I thought to myself, wow, there is incongruence all around us.


Incongruence Creates Imbalance

As leaders, we cannot afford incongruence as it creates a certain level of imbalance and uncertainty in ourselves and our followers. As someone who goes into organizations both large and small, I see incongruence of many types, followers with other followers, or leaders with followers and vice versa. The point is that your life must line up with your messaging at all times as much as it’s possible and up to you.

Imbalance is Nurtured

In a recent article published in the Huffington Post, the very idea that imbalance is nurtured when you are not being your authentic self suggests this very same tenet. As you travel on your personal and professional journey’s be sure to align your daily walk with your messaging because you never know who may be watching and developing their own worldview based upon your actions and deeds.

Please leave a comment or post on my Facebook Page and share with the community how it can be a challenge to maintain your messaging with your daily actions! Thanks for your ongoing support!


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