October 3

Why Records Are Meant To Be Broken!


This past week I was reminded that in order to advance, we must show others the way. Why? Because when we show others the way, we all win in the process! This reminder came to me loud and clear when I was informed that my one of my All-Time Collegiate records had been broken after nearly 24 years! At first I had mixed emotions and didn’t know what to think, then I realized, records are meant to be broken! I got in touch with the fact that we should all want to see people do better and to achieve more for themselves as they learn, grow and improve. This sort of “esprit-de-corps” is what makes the best companies keep getting better and the growing companies future juggernauts. 
Dr. Jason Carthen: Development

An Environment of Motivation

As leaders we actually must support and promote this type of healthy non-toxic completion in organizations if it will motivate and encourage  team members to stretch and strive to do better. Now, I am not talking about cut-throat competition that will ultimately cause dissension and fighting about accomplishments or worse yet, fudging of the numbers in order to win. No, I am suggesting a company environment that fosters employee development with personal and professional growth powered by internal motivation.

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Employee Development

Employee development is a crucial part of the long-term investment in your organization’s mission and vision and it involves helping your employees shape the future direction of their careers. While your team members or employees are arguably the most valuable asset in your organization, employee development is an often ignored aspect of management. Think about this for a moment, no facilities, equipment or services can take the place of the human capital that has been entrusted to your care. If your team begins to disappear then the elaborate facilities and cutting edge technology will no longer have anyone to guide and direct it for the company’s benefit. That’s why It’s important to make an investment in the people who make the company or business or entity what it is.

Organically and On Purpose

A leader must be intentional with creating the environment that leads to both organic and structured development.

In a recent article published in Inc. magazine by Jerome Ternynck the author points to both organic and structured opportunities that may in fact lead to an employee’s vertical growth trajectory.

1. Stretch assignments and projects. Employees should be given the opportunity to go beyond their normal job constraints.

2. Job Enrichment. While potentially uncomfortable, this allows employees to do things internally they normally would not do, i.e., presenting in front of the team, etc.

3. Mentoring or Coaching. I know the benefit of this personally as someone who coaches and trains teams every year. All people benefit from another set of eyes to provide feedback.

While not exhaustive I wanted to share three of the top opportunities that I thought would add value. The rest of the article can be found here: Employee Development

Beware Missed Opportunities 

At the end of the day employees respond positively to your genuine interest in their career goals and investing in them builds loyalty within the organization.Talented employees naturally want to be trained, mentored and coached to become better in their careers. You should be an integral part of that process. Otherwise, the ramifications can quickly become costly as your organization begins to lose valuable talent.

Point of Clarity Quote:

“Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.”

― Erica Jong




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