February 1

Why Sharing Your Leadership Creates Reservoirs of Success!


Recently, while on a consulting assignment near Yuma, Arizona, the temperature reading on my dashboard read 115 degrees…yes, 115 degrees and the shimmer of heat that was rising up from the ground was unmistakable as an unrelenting force upon all who would encounter it.


A Notice of Help

As I continued to travel down the highway, I repeatedly saw signs strategically placed at roughly every 10 miles. These signs served a dual purpose; they provided a warning and a notice of help if necessary. You see, the signs detailed the placement of water in case your vehicle became overheated due to the intense heat. Immediately I began to think about the leadership context these strategically placed reservoirs represented for all that were paying attention.

Dr. Jason Carthen: Highway and Heat

Leadership Reservoirs

The reservoirs/stops represented feedback loops between leaders and their follower’s that would be made available as often as needed, but utilized primarily when the followers thought it absolutely necessary to their continued forward movement.

Shared Leadership

Shared leadership mirrors this manner of engagement between leaders and followers because it allows for a common goal of mutual respect and interdependence when organizational decisions are needed to advance the overall mission. At the end of the day, a leader’s ability to humble themselves and be available as reservoirs for followers along the way represents lasting influence.

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Point of Clarity Quote

One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.

Arnold Glasgow


shared leadership

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