March 9

Why the Absence of Trust is a Quick Path to Mediocrity!


Dr. Jason Carthen: Absence of Trust

Emotional Intelligence

During a recent keynote for a company’s annual meeting I discussed how important it is to have Emotional Intelligence in any setting. Daniel Goleman suggests that you cannot effectively lead others if you are not keenly aware of what they may be experiencing or how to effectively manage your own emotions. Now, the group that I was speaking to was comprised of what some would classify as very tough and macho! They were construction workers who faced the dangers of the open road each day while working on the Department of Transportation’s roadways. When I shared the concept of EQ with them, you could tell they were very interested because I introduced the concept with a lead-in concerning the presence of trust.

Quick Path to Mediocrity

Trust can be an igniter for exceptional things to occur in your organization or a quick path to mediocrity! You see, you must possess the ability to trust yourself first before you can trust and empower others by trusting them. If you do not possess Self-trust, it is going to be difficult to relinquish control, to be empathetic when a situation feels threatening to you, or when your life depends upon someone else’s judgment and reasoning.

Trusting Others

It is only when you trust yourself and become comfortable with the risk of experiencing hurt and pain that you can then begin to risk trust with others. While thinking of it is not for the faint of heart, your pathway to greatness will be paved with many ups and downs that will require something of you. One of the first bridges to cross is your ability to leverage trust for exceptional outcomes for both yourself and others. Leave a comment on my Facebook Page and share with us how you were able to trust yourself to make the right decision in a difficult situation. Many of us may share the similar victories….


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