October 16

Why We Must Change Our Mindset to Achieve Revenue Growth


Are you maximizing your revenue opportunities? I want to speak to the small business owners entrepreneurs or leaders of a company for a moment. If you don’t think that applies to you, please stick around, I promise, there is still value in this discussion for each of us.

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Your Wisdom is Valuable

Recently I was speaking with one of my coaching clients and I shared the potential value of making what they have learned over the years available in digital or print format. Their responses ranged from, “What would I share, to where would I even start?” Thankfully, I’ve had this conversation many times before and I shared what my Product Creation Road Map© would look like and how I would guide them through each step that would lead to a finished product. This finished product would not only lead to more revenue in their business, (which they had not factored in), but it would also allow them to get their message out to the world through a larger body of work. Why is that important you may ask? Well, each of us have very distinct talents, and unique gifting that we should readily share with the world. To withhold those gifts and talents would be a mistake and largely regrettable in the long run.

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Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone

The biggest barrier for my coaching client was the initial ability to see what could be vs. what the currently reality suggested. In other words, the typical status quo mindset that limits many of us when growth opportunities are available to us would have to be challenged. Once the Product Creation Road Map© was in front of them and I began a series of questions targeting their experience, the product outline was taking form rapidly, complete with an introduction, overview, etc., the point is, we must move beyond our comfort zones in order to see the possibilities.

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 Embrace the Possibilities

Possibilities are endless when we understand that we are the only limiters of our dreams. Yes, chasing dreams require plans, strategy and most importantly, execution, but dreams must first be birthed in the mind before any of those things can take place. Those dreams are only given life when we embrace the possibilities of what we cannot initially see in front of us.

Live Fully Present

Today, I want to challenge you to not only stop leaving revenue on the table, but to go back to your journal that I’m always advocating (wink) that you write in and see where your dreams may have stopped or where you have not acted upon your dreams. It is never too late to follow your passion while living a life that is fully present.

Point of Clarity Quote:

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

-Napoleon Hill


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