January 11

Why You Cannot Underestimate the Power of Loyalty!


For the NFL sport’s fans that receive the Monday Morning Leadership Minute (MMLM) you have been treated to a season of dizzying heights or lowly disappointments, and as someone who lives very close to Cleveland, Ohio I will not comment on my good friends who are Cleveland Browns fans. Through it all…whether wins or losses, you have remained either loyal fans or you’ve decided to cut ties for whatever reason.

Dr. Jason carthen: Loyalty

Customer Satisfaction is Useless

As it relates to leadership, let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon of loyalty and why we should not underestimate it’s value when it comes to leading others well.

In his book “Customer Satisfaction is Useless” Jeffrey Gitomer describes why there is no metric that matters beyond customer loyalty due to the value of repeat business. The basic premise stems from the belief that you want more than one satisfied customer, you want an amazed and loyal “consumer” that will come back over and over again because of their loyalty.

In leadership, we don’t want employees that are just satisfied with their positions and show up simply to receive a paycheck each week, instead we want fulfilled leaders and employees that are in touch with their idea of fulfillment and self-actualized to a point where they not only show up to work, but champion the values of the organization and boast about its culture, atmosphere and progress towards goals.

The Tremendous Value of Loyalty

While no small thing, when the fabric of loyalty is woven throughout an organization, the ability to weather storms is also an added benefit that lies right below the surface. As someone who has worked with business owners for over twenty years, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that your team remains loyal during times of uncertainty and challenges. There will always be storms, but the true measure of victory will be found when the leader stands in the gap for the followers and the followers in turn remain loyal through the storm and long after the storm has passed.

If you have not already, please stop by and leave a comment or post on my Facebook Page and share what loyalty means to you.

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Point of Clarity Quote

“We have to recognize that there cannot be relationships unless there is commitment, unless there is loyalty, unless there is love, patience, persistence.”

Dr. Cornel West


Loyalty, relationship

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