November 16

Why You Must Do the Hard Work of Confronting Your Insecurities and Pain!


By Dr. Jason Carthen

I recently wrote an academic article that explored the idea of “Biopsychospiritual Homeostasis” or the goal of operating at a very high level in the following areas, (a) Physically, (b) emotionally, (c) psychologically and (d) spiritually. The concept was interesting to me because of my own personal experiences and because of what I witnessed as an athlete in the highest level of professional sports.

Dr. Jason Carthen: Do the Hard Work of Confronting Your Insecurities

Withstand the Daily Battles in Your Life

What has truly continued to intrigue me is how it translates to leadership in business and the idea of hardiness or being able to withstand the daily battles in your life and still emerge victorious. During my work with some of my coaching clients, there appeared to be an undercurrent that suggested we must avoid our insecurities and pain in order to cope and survive. However, it has been my experience through data collected from interviews and individual work with a very diverse group of professionals across industries that we must confront those very things that can potentially derail us!


Overcoming Hardship

In fact, the concept of hardiness suggests the more we experience adversity, insecurity and pain, the greater our resistance to it! What a liberating and breakthrough experience if we know that we have overcome hardship and it did not break us or send us back to the proverbial drawing board.

Confront Insecurities

For this reason alone, we must do the work and confront our insecurities and pain if we are going to energize and motivate our followers to do the same! Lead well today and remember others wish they could be in your position of leadership!

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