December 21

Why You Must Improve Your Learning In Order To Improve Your Leadership!


Dr. Jason Carthen: A desire to Learn as a Leader

In his book, “The World Is Flat” Thomas Friedman details what some could perceive as a dire warning about the lagging behind of today’s students versus their global counterparts.

We Must Learn How To Learn

He suggests that we must “learn how to learn” in this era and on this new global stage simply to compete…not to win. While his words are sobering, it only makes sense if you think about it for a moment. Some of the greatest societies in the world have risen up based upon their innovation and their ability to out-think and outpace the competition. This cannot be any different for those who are competing in a flatter global environment with competition coming from all sides.

For the purpose of today’s MMLM, I want to bring this down to a micro level and share why it’s crucially important for a leader to improve their learning or “learn how to learn” in order to best serve their follower’s and their companies.

You Must be Willing To Test & Grow

If you are charged with leading others and creating forward movement in an organization, then you must be a voracious reader and someone who is willing to test and implement in order to grow.

For example, Steve Jobs created a legacy that is now Apple because of his willingness to push the envelope and see what could be accomplished, Jack Welch threw out all conventional wisdom when he ventured onto the global stage for General Electric. Both were pioneers and had a love for learning and understanding what they did not know in order to move forward with certainty and ultimately success.

Leaders Must Desire To Go Deeper

As leaders in our own respective environments, we must never lose the desire to go deeper and explore the possibilities of learning as it relates to our craft or leadership charge. To invite complacency in our desire to keep learning will r us wholly ineffective and certainly replaceable.

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