March 17

Healthy Relationships are the Key to Productivity!


Dr. Jason Carthen: Healthy Relationship is require for Productivity

By Dr. Jason Carthen

This Week’s Focus Point

I have the privilege of working with some of the best and brightest individuals in the country.These individual’s consist of leaders, managers, executives, educators, direct reports and CEO’s in both the non-profit arena and private sector. One of the biggest reasons that we have a good rapport in our coaching efforts is the phenomena of relationship. Relationship is the key to productivity and this is seen in the short run and the long run. I share this with each of you because to facilitate a coaching relationship, the individual and the coach must agree that goals must be present and key performance indicators (KPI’s) for achieving those goals are occurring.

Leader’s Desire to Move Forward

As a coach, there must be an intent to further the advancement of the leader’s desire to move forward with momentum and a desire to be motivated toward a tangible outcome. A leader’s ability to move forward with a level of momentum that is clear and sustainable can only occur with a relationship that is built upon trust with the coach. Additionally, I believe the client must be able to harness a level of inner desire that allows them to maintain intrinsic motivation and passion for the coaching relationship and their own personal outcomes.

Achieve Sustainable Results that Built Upon Relationship

If a leader does not embrace a level of internal motivation, then a greater likelihood of poor commitment may occur and a breach in their ability to achieve goals is almost a given occurrence. The reality is that some individuals may experience challenges enroute to greater functioning for the organization’s success in both the short term and the long-term. The coach that is able to equip the leader with tools to weather storms (both short-and long-term) is the individual that truly helps to achieve sustainable results built upon relationship.

How do you cultivate healthy relationships in your organization? How often are you intentional in identifying new relationship opportunities with your team?


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